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Founded in 1965 by Blanford H. Davenport, Cen-Signal continues to set the bar for wholesale monitoring in service and technology.

Nestled in the heart of Columbus, Georgia is where we were formed and still reside today. Although our company has evolved over the years into the nationwide monitoring facility that it is today, we still hold true to the same customer service values that brought us here.
The original founding family owns and operates Cen-Signal today with a steadfast resolution to continue to offer exceptional monitoring at a fair price.



The Beginning
While B.H. Davenport's primary job was with Southern Bell, in 1965 he started a one man alarm installation company. When our local Columbus police department said "hey we are not taking alarm calls directly anymore" he decided to purchase an answering service call center and began answering alarm calls for other local alarm companies as well as his own.
Cen-Signal was a pioneer member of the Georgia Burglar and Fire Alarm Association until their dissolution.  We were very instrumental in their formative years. Through this, our reputation spread as we began monitoring for other dealers in Georgia. Things grew from there!
It wasn't long before it became very clear that wholesale monitoring was the only thing we wanted to do. So in 1984 we disbanded the installation company, received our UL listing for alarm monitoring and solely focused on wholesale monitoring.
Today we are proud to say that we monitor alarms all across the United States. Cen-Signal is very active within several alarm associations throughout the country, state and national level. While the business has grown and evolved, we have never lost focus to our dedication to customer service. We know that each call we make is a reflection of your company and your reputation.
We always listen to your needs and work tirelessly to meet your expectations in this ever changing industry. Here at Cen-Signal, WE'RE ALWAYS LISTENING...
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