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Dealers have 24 hour access to their account base utilizing smartphone, tablet or PC.

Our digital data entry forms make entering a new customer as easy as typing an email and the one-touch submit button sends it in a flash. *All forms must be downloaded before use



Choosing the right central station is one of the most important decisions that you will make as a dealer. You need nothing less than excellence from your central station, in technology and in service. Cen-Signal will meet all of your monitoring needs now and in the future.




You must download this app to your mobile device to use the fillable forms.

Download Android or Apple.


POT’s (Conventional Phone Lines)

Virtually all formats are accepted by our Osborne-Hoffman and Surgard receivers.


IP (Internet Protocol)

  • Firelite

  • Teldat

  • Visor

  • IPDact

  • Silent Knight

  • GE/UTC/Interlogix

  • Bosch

  • DSC

  • DMP

  • Elk



  • Telguard

  • Uplink

  • Honeywell Alarmnet

  • IPDatatel

  • DMP


  • Napco

  • DSC

  • SecureNet *NEW* ask your sales rep.



PERS Units and 2-way voice        

We are able to handle a wide variety of 2-way voice for emergency units, elevators and alarm panels.


Online Access                             

Dealers and subscribers have the ability to view and test their accounts through our Boldnet Mobile app for smartphone, tablet or PDA. In addition to our app, dealers have the option of editing their accounts through a PC or laptop via the Boldnet portal.


Dealer Service Department

Our dealer service department is dedicated to assisting dealers with testing, checking activity, reports and answering general account questions.

Call 800-554-1101.


Automatic Email/Text Notification

This feature is used to alert your customers of signals from the alarm system such as alarms, troubles or open/close signals. This works similar to cellular device notifications but may be used on traditional phone line accounts as well. This can also be an excellent tool to keep an alarm dealer well informed of signals from all or a select few of their accounts.


Answering Service

Our dealer answering service is always answered by a professional operator and then relayed to you through your choice of communication including text, email or a traditional phone call.



We offer a wide variety of emailed reports to our dealers. Do you know that we can also email a report to your subscriber for notification of alarms, troubles or open/close signals? We can set this up to automatically generate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Subscriber Billing

Whether you are billing monthly, quarterly or annually, we can take care of your subscriber billing needs.

Services include:

  • Invoicing your customers.

  • Accepting and processing your payments.

  • Providing numerous reports to keep you informed.

  • Quick payment turnaround.


Video Verification

I-View Now supported through our Bold Manitou operating is the most affordable video verification platform in the market today. It utilizes video equipment that you may already have in the field and provides a triggered video clip for verification by a trained operator. The versatility ranges from simple inexpensive IP cameras to high end NVR systems and can provide for quicker response in jurisdictions that are already requiring visual verification. Click here for the compatibility list.



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