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For over 50 years, we have been providing cutting edge technology to alarm dealers nationwide. After all, how are you going to compete if your monitoring station is holding you back?

POT's Lines

Virtually all formats are accepted by our Osborne-Hoffman and Surgard receivers. You can rest assured knowing that we have the very best phone line providers and built in redundancies to ensure that every signal reaches us everytime.

Web Access & App's

Dealers and subscribers have the ability to view and test their accounts through our Boldnet Mobile app for smartphone, tablet or PDA. In addition to our app, dealers have the option of editing their accounts via PC or laptop through the online Boldnet portal.


Our dealer answering service is always answered by a professional operator and then relayed to you through your choice of communication including text, email or a traditional phone call.

2-way Voice

We are able to handle a wide variety of 2-way voice for emergency units, elevators and alarm panels. Full duplex voice and listen-in features are in demand today more than ever due to recent jurisdictional demands for audio and/or video verification before dispatch.

Email/Text Notification

This feature is used to alert your customers of signals from the alarm system such as open/close or trouble signals. This works similar to cellular device notifications but may be used on traditional phone line accounts as well.



We offer a wide variety of emailed reports to our dealers, but did you know that we can also email a report to your subscriber for things such as open/close, alarms and trouble signals? We can set this up to automatically generate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Whether you are billing monthly, quarterly or annually, we can take care of your subscriber billing needs. 

Services include:

  • Invoicing your customers.

  • Accepting and processing your payments.

  • Providing numerous reports to keep you informed.

  • Quick payment turnaround.


We meet or exceed all UL standards for technology, redundancy, testing, personnel and other procedures. Automatic call recording and computerized dialing reduce the chance of error and protect you from undue liability. Daily dispatch audits help to ensure proper call handling and keep response times within appropriate limits. Random drug testing and criminal background checks provide an added measure of security.



We are setup with multiple cellular providers and can readily accept transmission of signals as well as 2-way voice in most devices.

Telguard ♦ Uplink ♦ Alarmnet ♦ DMP ♦ IPDatatel ♦ ♦ Napco ♦ SecureNet (brand new platform) ♦ And more as they become available!

Internet Protocol

We have several receivers and line cards that are set up to receive signals via the internet. These receivers may be used as a direct line of communication from the subscriber to the central station with no need for a middle man. This cuts down on cost and increases your range of options for that discerning customer.


Video Verification
Caller ID Infusion

Cen-Signal understands that sometimes people don't answer calls on their cell phones because they don't recognize the number. In an effort to mitigate the missed call issue we have one number that will display when trying to reach your subscribers. This allows you to let your customers know the exact number to save and even have them save it under your company's name. This number may also be customized if you currently have your customers calling your office and using a voice attendant to route those calls to us.

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